Dangerous Side Effects of Flomax Drug

Flomax is a very popular drug used by men in order to treat prostate related problems. But even though this drug has become a very commonly used one, it has some dangerous side effects. This is why you should never take this drug without consulting with your doctor first.

If you are taking medication for some other health ailments, then Flomax might interfere with those drugs and cause unexpected side-effects.

Other than drug interaction, Flomax is also known to cause allergic reactions in some people. Tell your doctor about any of your allergies that you know about before you start taking Flomax. You should mention allergic reactions to food, preservatives, or chemicals, and any allergic reactions that you have ever suffered to any kind of medication.

Dangerous Side Effects of Flomax Drug

If you experience any of the following dangerous side effects of Flomax drug, you should immediately seek medical help:

  • difficulty in breathing
  • painful penis erection which lasts for hours
  • severe dizziness and headache
  • fainting
  • swelling of face, tongue, lips, and/or throat
  • rashes

The above mentioned symptoms are rare but very serious ones. If you experience any of these symptoms, then stop taking the drug. Do not delay further in consulting with your doctor. These are very dangerous side effects of flomax drug.

Other known Side Effects

Less serious side effects include: mild dizziness, difficulty in sleeping, reduced sex drive, runny or stuffy nose, little or no semen during ejaculation, sore throat, light headache, fatigue, weakness, reduced appetite versus weight gain, low blood pressure etc. These side effects are not as serious as those mentioned earlier, but they are more common among people.

Other known dangerous side effects of flomax drug include depression and weight gain. In order to identify whether you are suffering from depression after taking flomax, look for the following warning signs:

  • being constantly in bad mood,
  • persistent sadness or anxiety,
  • pessimism,
  • suicidal thoughts,
  • restlessness,
  • getting irritated easily,
  • guilt feelings

Depression is not among the commonly reported side effects of flomax. However continued use of this drug might lead to it in some cases.

Precautions While Taking Flomax

As there are so many dangerous side effects of flomax drug, you need to take a few necessary precautions if you are taking the drug:

  1. As flomax is known to cause dizziness, you should try and avoid activities like driving and operating heavy machinery as much as possible.
  2. In case you are having a PSA Test done for prostate cancer screening, make sure the physician is aware of the fact that you are taking Flomax as this may lower your PSA levels.
  3. You should make sure to tell your doctor about your previous medical history as well as all the allergies you suffer from. This will help the doctor in deciding whether to prescribe flomax for you or not.

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