Flomax Prostate BPH Treatment

Your doctor may prescribe Flomax Prostate BPH treatment if your diagnose is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Most health insurances will cover the cost of Flomax.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is not unusual as a man ages. As the prostate gland gets bigger because of BPH, it starts pushing against the urethra. That is the canal through which urine passes when urinating.

Also the strain on the bladder causes it to weaken. If untreated the bladder will lose the ability to empty itself completely. This in itself can cause complications like urinary tract infections and damage to the bladder itself. It could also cause damage to the kidneys, bladder stones, and in some cases even incontinence.

Flomax Prostate BPH relief

The treatment of BPH often consists of alpha blockers in the form of Flomax 0.4 mg capsules. When you start taking Flomax it will relax the muscles in the prostate. It will also relax the bladder neck at the site of the obstruction. Because of this your urine flow will improve a lot.

If you have been bothered by symptoms for quite some time, you may expect to find that you feel much better already before it’s time for you to get a restock on your Flomax prescription.

Just keep in mind that while the symptoms may be less bothersome, it doesn’t mean you don’t have BPH anymore.  Of course, it’s great to pick up your life the way you did before your diagnose with BPH. But to stay symptom-free, you must stick to your Flomax Prostate BPH prescription and continue to take the medication.

Also you will have to see your doctor periodically to have regular checkups.  Your prostate gland may still develop a more serious condition. He can also advise you on the importance of appropriate exercises and a balanced diet, should there be any concern about your weight. Last but not least, your doctor will most likely want to keep an eye on your condition in case you may be bothered by some common side effects of Flomax.

Flomax and PSA Test results

Research has shown no apparent relation between BHP and prostate cancer. But a man with BPH may suffer undetected prostate cancer. But even if this is not the case, a BPH diagnose does not increase the chance. It also does not rule out the possibility for a man to develop prostate cancer eventually. These facts were reason for the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute to recommend screening for prostate cancer for men over the age of forty. This screening may involve regular PSA Tests. It is important to be aware of the possible effect of Flomax on PSA Test results.

Flomax prostate BPH treatment is easy. So in most cases your doctor will advice you to take Flomax medications once a day. Fortunately, most health insurance schemes will cover the cost of Flomax. Contrary to some other modern medications that will take months to have a noticeable effect, treatment with Flomax medicines will relieve the symptoms of prostate enlargement fairly quickly. But do make sure that you are well informed about drug interactions, and about possible, and sometimes dangerous side effects of Flomax.