Men’s Prostate Well-Being

To ensure men’s prostate well-being, it is better to prevent a disease than having to cure it. The problems a man can have with his prostate gland are most certainly the kind you want to prevent.

A man’s prostate well-being becomes a significant concern particularly once he hits his mid-forties. That’s the age when a man becomes more susceptible to prostate illness. This could be prostatitis, BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), or even prostate cancer.

Healthy food choices for men’s prostate well-being

Good food is an important thing men can do to see to the well-being of their prostate. Research has shown that food for good prostate health includes healthy choices like low-fat foods with plenty of fibers. Vegetables and fruits may also help prevent problems with the prostate gland like prostate infection and prostate cancer.

Did you know that statistics have shown that in countries where people prefer fat foods, more men seem to develop problems with their prostate?

While in countries where people instead of meat prefer to eat fish like mackerel and salmon, the number of men that have prostate cancer seems to be lower.  Also avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and caffeinated beverages.

That small gland may cause big problems

The male prostate has the size of a walnut and the form of a donut. This small gland sits between the penis and the bladder. The canal that leads urine from the bladder to the penis passes through the prostate. Semen also goes through the same canal on its way out.

The function of the prostate gland is to help the process of expelling semen during ejaculation. When the prostate becomes bigger than it should be, it puts a bit of pressure on the bladder. This may give you a feeling that you have to pee urgently even when there’s not much urine in the bladder. But that’s not all. When the prostate is swollen, it makes it harder to pee. This is why you have to pay attention when you find that you have a weak urine stream when you pee.

Prostatitis in younger men

One of the causes for swelling of the prostate is a prostate infection. Prostatitis affects men usually under 50.  It is a painful disease and quite difficult to track. Signs include fever, chills, fatigue and occasional discomfort in the testicles, urethra, lower abdomen, and back. Blood in the urine or in ejaculation and frequent urination are among the symptoms However, these symptoms may also be evidence of BPH or prostate cancer. These pose an even greater threat to men’s prostate well-being.

Exercise for prostate health

How about starting an exercise program? Not only will you feel and look better, but according to research by international scientists if you are a physically active man you may significantly reduce the risk for prostate cancer compared to physically inactive men. You may consider joining a yoga class and learn safe and natural yoga exercises for prostate health.

If you haven’t yet made regular exercise a part of your life, men’s prostate well-being may be a very good reason to start now.