Men’s Prostate Well-Being

Summary: To ensure men’s prostate well-being, the expression comes to mind that it’s better to prevent a disease than having to cure it.

The problems a man can have with his prostate gland are most certainly the kind you want to prevent. As unpleasant as some tests may sound, they are most important in catching prostate cancer in its early stages when there may be no symptoms yet.

Prostate cancer screening

The most important measure regarding men’s prostate well-being is to be regularly screened to ensure early discovery of possible prostate cancer.

This screening can be done by a physician who will do two tests:

  1. A Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) – The word “rectal” refers to “rectum”, the last part of the digestive tract before the anus, and the word “digit” refers here to “finger”;
  2. And also a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test.

It’s a good thing these two tests are now available for men, but of course it is a personal decision that each man must take for himself whether to have them included in his regular checkups or not.

Healthy food choices for men’s prostate well-being

The tests are important for discovering disease in an early stage, but there is more men can do to see to the well-being of their prostate. Research has shown that healthy food choices like a low-fat diet with plenty of fibers as found in vegetables and fruits may also help prevent problems with the prostate gland like prostate infection and prostate cancer.

Did you know that statistics have shown that in countries where people prefer fat foods, more men seem to develop problems with their prostate?

While in countries where people instead of meat prefer to eat fish like mackerel and salmon, the number of men that have prostate cancer seems to be lower. Also drinking alcohol, smoking and caffeinated beverages should be avoided.

Exercise for prostate cancer prevention

And how about starting an exercise program? Not only will you feel and look better, but according to research by international scientists if you are a physically active man you may significantly reduce the risk for prostate cancer compared to physically inactive men. You may consider joining a yoga class and learn safe and natural Yoga exercises for prostate health.

If regular exercise has not yet been made a part of your life, men’s prostate well-being may be a good reason to start now.

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