Side effects of Flomax treatment

Flomax is a medication used to treat the problem of enlarged prostate in men. However, many people have reported a variety of side effects after continued use of flomax. This article lists out some common side effects of flomax.

Some people have noticed themselves getting depressive and suicidal thoughts after taking flomax. A few people have reported becoming paranoid and even getting panic attacks. Reduced appetite has been reported, contrary to concerns about possible weight gain. Ejaculation problems are also common, like little or no semen during ejaculation.

Check with your doctor if you suffer from similar side effects. Note that you might experience only a few and not all of the listed side effects of flomax.

Common side effects of Flomax use:

  • Back pain
  • blurred vision
  • dizziness
  • sinus inflammation
  • weakness
  • decreased sexual desire and ability
  • insomnia and sleep related problems
  • runny nose
  • ejaculation problems

In addition to the above mentioned side effects of flomax, you should be aware that Flomax may cause your PSA tests to show a low level PSA. But there are also some other more rarely experienced effects which you should know about.

One rare but dangerous side effect is fainting. If you experience this then you need to report immediately to your doctor. You should not delay further in seeking doctor’s help.

Another rare but serious side effect is a prolonged erection in men. After taking flomax, you might sometimes get an erection which may last up to 3-4 hours or even longer. This can turn out to be very painful. If you experience this then stop taking the drug immediately, otherwise it may result in permanent damage to the penis.

Allergic reaction to Flomax

Another very serious side effect of flomax is developing an allergic reaction to the drug. Here are a few symptoms to watch out for:

  • itching or swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips or face
  • rashes
  • fever
  • chills
  • severe dizziness
  • difficulty in breathing

If you notice any of these or other unusual serious symptoms, then you need to get medical help at the earliest.

I have listed out some of the popularly known side effects of flomax. This is by no means a complete list of possible side effects of this drug.

You might experience some other effects which are not mentioned here. All people are different. Hence you might be suffering from totally different side effects. In such a case, you need to call your doctor and report the problem. Your doctor can also inform you ore about possible dangerous side effects of Flomax drug.

Remember that most of the drugs have negative side effects. Before taking the drug, you need to tell your complete medical history to your doctor. This will help him determine whether to prescribe Flomax drugs for you or not.