Personal Stories Prostate Cancer

Summary: Personal Stories Prostate Cancer Coverage in the News, of full recovery well known public figures who battled the dreaded disease, gives a sense of hope and optimism.

End of April 2000 New York City Mayor and Presidential Nominee for 2008 Rudolph W. Giuliani, then 55 years old, announced that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

His cancer was detected at an early stage by a prostate cancer biopsy procedure after a routine blood test, part of annual prostate screening, had revealed high PSA counts.

Mr. Giuliani, who lost his father to prostate cancer in 1981 when the PSA test didn’t exist yet, was well informed about the treatment options available.

In an interview with the American Cancer Society he said: “Each method has its pros and cons, with various side effects and levels of effectiveness.”

He could have chosen for a a “wait-and-see” approach for six months, so that he could have continued his Senate campaign, but after giving it ample thought, he decided to withdraw from the race: “I had no guarantee my recovery would be timely or what delaying treatment might mean.”

Soon hormone therapy was initiated followed by implanted radiation pellets treatment. Also did Mr. Giuliani receive 25 external radiation treatments over a five-week period.

Deciding to deal promptly with his diagnose of prostate cancer and start with treatments, saved his life.

“Of course, we probably wouldn’t be talking about this if I hadn’t gotten screened, and that’s the decision I want men to acknowledge,” said Mr. Giuliani, “If you’re over 50 or in a high risk group, please get screened – now.”

If prostate cancer is discovered at an early stage and then properly treated, the ability to combat the cancer will see greater odds.

Some people will not visit a doctor until symptoms and problems become extremely uncomfortable. In many instances, even when it is obvious there are symptoms of an underlying condition people will avoid seeing a doctor until it becomes obvious there is a serious problem present.

Detecting Prostrate Cancer Early

In order to avoid the scenario previously described, it is best to have regular check ups with your doctor. Far too often, this is neglected and the results can be devastating. As such, a yearly physical examination is something that should be performed when a male reaches middle age.

If there is the presence of an enlarged prostrate or a cancerous growth, the physician will (hopefully) detect it. In that case your doctor will likely want to do a prostate ultrasound test in order to see how far the cancer has spread. This will help greatly to decide on the appropriate action needed to keep the condition from worsening.

Personal Stories Prostate Cancer: A Sense of Hope

Mr. Giuliani successfully overcame his prostate cancer and is fully cured. Personal stories like his can provide a sense of hope and optimism to all, that prostrate cancer, being a very serious condition, is not one that is per se incurable.

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