Description of the Function of the Prostate Gland

It is very important to learn about the function of the prostate gland – especially for men, as prostate cancer is the most widespread type of cancer for the male population in the world. The best way to avoid prostate cancer is to educate yourself about the function of the prostate gland – which is the purpose of this article.

What is The Prostate Gland?

The prostate is a very important part of the reproductive system in men, and requires androgens and male hormones to function properly. The prostate gland is located near the urethra just below the bladder, and is about the size of a large walnut.

What is the Function of the Prostate Gland?

The primary function of the prostate gland is storing and producing ‘seminal fluid’ – seminal fluid is what nourishes the sperm. The prostate also helps the process of expelling semen during ejaculation.

What kinds of problems are associated with the Prostate Gland?

We have now covered the basic function of the prostate gland, but it is also very important to be informed about the problems associated with it. The most well known, and widespread, problem is prostate cancer – but other problems such as enlarged prostate and prostatitis are also quite common.

When a male person reaches middle age his prostate glands begin to enlarge. As the prostate continually grows in size, it may end up pressing against the urethra. This narrowing of the urethra causes a range of problems.

To start with, the prostate enlargement forces the bladder muscle to contract with a lot more power to lead the urine through the narrowed urethra. This results in a more sensitive and thick bladder muscle, which again causes the person with the enlarged prostate to have to urinate more often.


One of the other problems often associated with an enlarged prostate is known as prostatitis. This problem is due to an inflammation of the prostate gland, and is usually caused by a bacterial infection, that has spread around the body.

There are two different kinds of prostatitis; chronic prostatitis and acute prostatitis:

  • Chronic Prostatitis is the most common type, and it generally develops gradually for a long period of time.
  • Acute Prostatitis develops suddenly, and has no obvious warning signs – this kind of prostatitis is much more serious than the former.

These types of problems are very common, and that is why it is important to educate yourself about the function of the prostate gland. Healthy food and regular exercise like yoga will help to keep your body in good shape, but being aware of possible problems of the prostate gland will also help you to take the necessary action to stop these problems before they get more serious.

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