Safe and Natural Yoga Exercise for Prostate Health

Several treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, surgically removing the gland and other medications are available, and are administered either alone or in combination, for the treatment of prostate gland cancer.

However, non-invasive methods and alternative options like yoga exercise for prostate health and a healthy diet could be adopted even before the disorders manifest and develop into malignant cancers.

Of the many glands that secrete important hormones in the body, the prostate is one gland classified as and exocrine gland, which is a combination of tubular and alveolar structure associated with the urinary and male reproductive system in most mammals.

Statistical data collected from different parts of the world over the past few decades, show an alarming rate of increase of incidents of prostate cancer affecting older men in advanced countries, often being the cause of death in most cases. In the United States, cancer of the prostate gland ranks next to skin cancer, resulting in fatalities.

Function of the prostate gland

The gland is small and walnut shaped and lies below the urinary bladder. The secretions from the prostate gland are slightly alkaline with a turbid milky white appearance that helps in transportation of semen.

It has also been observed that the spermatozoa present along with the prostate secretions have better motility, longer survival and better protection of genetic content, DNA. For that reason, as the prostate gland gets diseased or fails to function properly due to old-age or other underlying causes, there is decreased semen motility leading to infertility. Not only does this gland take care of providing transport and nutrition to semen, it also has other functions that are linked with urination and ejaculation.

Any abnormality of the prostate leads to enlargement, resulting in painful urination and loss of ejaculatory power.

Yoga exercise to keep your prostate gland healthy

Yoga exercise for prostate health is comparatively new to most people of the world, though oriental people knew of this from historical times. This Yoga exercise is now accepted by experts to be the safest method for keeping the prostate gland healthy and prevent ill-health.

Other than specifically for prostate gland health, the Yoga exercise for prostate health also takes care of toning up the entire body resulting in many health benefits to the practitioners. The exercise regimen helps in stretching the body muscles fully relieving the stressed out muscles of the back. Stretching and working up the spinal cord causes contraction to the abdominal muscles, which helps in vitalizing and toning up other organs like lungs, stomach, spleen, intestines, liver, pancreas and kidneys.

By constant practice and regular yoga exercise, further organs like the gall-bladder, urinary bladder, rectal muscles and prostate get good blood circulation, which will prevent abnormalities. A healthy body keeps the mind relaxed, sharp and calm leading to overall general health and vigor.

YogaNidrasana: A special yoga exercise for prostate health

Many postures and techniques are available for doing yoga exercise for prostate health. One special form of exercise is popularly known as ‘YogaNidrasana’. Learning this technique and practicing this exercise properly yields maximum benefits for prostate gland health.

In this method of yoga exercise for prostate health, the legs are to be interlaced and entwined behind the back of the neck, thus forming a pillow sort for the head. It seems to be quite difficult at the beginning. Constant and regular practice will loosen the muscles and convert them to be supple for doing such seemingly difficult tasks. With palms flat both the hands must be stretched and placed at the back touching the ground.

However, it is not proper to learn such intricate methods of yoga postures by reading books and literature. One should approach a trainer for quick and ease in learning, and for good results. Yoga exercise being a non-invasive technique should be practiced not just for prostate health, but for overall good health and a stress-free life.

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