Choosing a Natural Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Always talk with your doctor before trying a natural treatment for prostate cancer. Your doctor will be able to tell you about the pros and cons of each method and advise which treatment is suitable in your case or not.

Natural treatment for prostate cancer

A well-known natural treatment for prostate cancer is a natural herbal treatment. This treatment would involve the use of red clover and saw palmetto. Both these herbs help in lowering the level of androgens in the male body.

Androgens are male hormones that stimulate growth. These hormones do not cause prostate cancer, but they do support the growth of existing cancer cells. As such, they help in spreading the cancer to other parts of the body.

Just like regular hormone therapy, natural herbal treatment aims at taking the level of androgens down. As a result, the low level of androgens slows the spread of prostate cancer and could help shrink an existing tumor.

Vitamin D

Another popular natural treatment for prostate cancer involves the use of vitamin D. Some scientists think there is reason to believe that this vitamin could stop the growth of prostate cancer. Unfortunately, there is not much scientific evidence about the effect of vitamin D on prostate cancer.

Research has shown that vitamin D plays a role in the immune system. So then this immune function could be very important in supporting various cancer therapies.

Human beings need sunshine

Human beings need sunshine to make vitamin D, and less sunshine means less vitamin D. Some studies report that that men living in parts of the world where there is less sunshine, have a higher chance to get prostate cancer.

African American men in general also show low levels of vitamin D, and have prostate cancer more often than Caucasian men.

Scientists are interested to study the role of vitamin D to find out if and how this vitamin could be used to prevent cancers like prostate cancer. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies, who often sponsor large studies, have shown little interest is this kind of research.

Time is important with prostate cancer

The idea of side effects of, for instance, hormone therapy may scare you. However, you may not have much time to try out different natural treatments. If it turns out that natural treatments for prostate cancer are not effective (enough), you may have lost valuable time.

Above all, never forget that the prostate is close to lymph nodes and bones. Once  cancer has begun to spread, treatment becomes much tougher. Even with conventional medicine.