Various Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Discussed

There are various prostate cancer treatment options available. The doctor will take into consideration various factors like age and health of the patient, how much the tumor has spread etc, before deciding on the most suitable treatment method.

Prostate cancer is actually a mutation of the cells in the prostate – a mutation that grows uncontrollable.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Some of the methods of treatment include medication, radiation therapy, external beam therapy, radical prostatectomy, HIFU, hormone therapy and herbal treatment.

You might get confused as there are so many prostate cancer treatment options. It is best to let your doctor make the decision. Better still, take the advice of 3 or 4 experienced doctors before making the final decision.

Brachytherapy or seed therapy

If the tumor is inside the prostate gland, then doctors may opt for radiation therapy in which x-rays are used to kill the cancer cells. There are 2 different kinds of radiation therapy – internal and external. In external therapy, radiation is given from a machine. In case of internal therapy radioactive seeds are injected into the patient’s prostate gland. This kind of therapy is also known as brachytherapy or seed therapy.

There may be some side effects resulting from radiation therapy like extreme tiredness, diarrhea, bladder problems etc. Radiation therapy is also known to cause impotence in men. The cancer can also recur many years after undergoing radiation therapy.

Watchful waiting

Watchful waiting is another prostate cancer treatment option for older men. In watchful waiting, the doctor will not start any sort of treatment until the tumor grows larger in size. This kind of approach is good for old men who cannot be operated upon.

Prostate surgery

Radical prostatectomy refers to a surgery in which the whole prostate gland is removed along with nearby lymph nodes. After removing prostate gland, a narrow rubber tube called catheter is placed into the bladder in order to carry urine out of the body.

There are other surgeries, like laparoscopic surgery, which are not as invasive and risky as this one. However, there are certain risks associated with any surgery. So make sure to look at the pros and cons of all available prostate cancer treatment options, as well as their possible side effects. Consult at least a couple of experienced doctors before deciding.

HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

A recently introduced type of treatment is the HIFU prostate cancer treatment. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound surgery is the least invasive of all surgeries to date as it utilizes ultrasound waves for destroying the prostate gland as well as any cancer it may contain.

The risks associated with this kind of surgery are very less as compared to other traditional surgery procedures.

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